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Products Sold:   Men's, Women's, Boys' and Girls', Toddlers', Infants', Speciality, Athletic, Sports Specific, Performance, Casual, Dress, Outdoor, Boot Socks, Trouser, Logo, Knee High, Over the Calf, Mid Calf, Anklet, Crew, Quarter, Footie, Link and Link, True Rib, Dial Top, Welt Top, Cushion Sole, Normal Terry, Sandwich Terry
Yarns Used:   Cotton, Rubber, Acrylic, Spandex, Twisted Yarns, Wool, IntimateBlends, Organic, Nylon, Performance Fibers (antimicrobial, CoolMax*, etc.), Polyester, Speciality Fibers (cashmere, mohair, etc.)
Knitting Equipment:  

Sewing Methods: Automatic Toe Closing
Overall Processes Applique', Auto Packaging, Banding, Bleaching, Boarding, Clipping, Cuffing, Dyeing, Embroidery, Folding, Heat Transfer, Inserting, Pairing, Scouring
Dyeing Processes Bleach Range, Paddle Tub, Washer/Extracter (Braun, Milner, etc)
Drying Processes Gas Heated Tumble
Boarding Methods Automatic (Cortese, TMC, etc.), Convection

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