Supplier’s Strategy Meeting

December 13, 2001










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This is a summary of  the supplier's strategic meeting  that was held on December 13, 2001 at the CVCC East Campus.

Purpose of the Meeting:

  • To develop strategies to help OUR industry survive and prosper
  • Areas we are going to talk about are: 
    • Our Competition
    • Trends
    • Importing
    • What the HTC is doing
    • Upcoming events
    • What else is needed


Click on each of the following for more details:

HTC Survival Initiatives

HTC Services That Impact Our Industry

Survival in 2001 and Beyond

What Should the Hosiery Industry Do?

Supply Chain Management

Brainstorming Session of Ideas to Help Manufacturers Survive Domestically


Resource and Partners






Resources and Partners

  • NC Community College System
  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • NCSU College of Textiles
  • (TC)˛The Textile Clothing and Comfort Center
  • NCDOC (North Carolina Department of Commerce)
  • USDOC (US Department of Commerce)
  • NCMEP (NC Manufacturing Extension Partnership)
  • SCMEP (SC Manufacturing Extension Partnership)
  • DOL (Department of Labor)
  • Support from NC (Legislature) and Washington (Capital Hill)
  • NSF (National Science Foundation)

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