Sock Testing Hosiery Consortium

Sock Sizing Procedures for HIFOMACO LCS 4800

The procedures only apply to the HIFOMACO LCS 4800 model tested.

Calibration of the LCS 4800 should be maintained on an annual basis. Use the supplied spring to verify that the machine is reading the same on a daily basis.

Calibration Procedure

Calibration of the LCS 4800 is accomplished by the following procedure:

  • Check the distance across the cross stretch arm fingers (Figure 1).
  • Check the distance between the length stretch pins (Figure 2).
  • If necessary loosen the set screws and adjust the pin distance to match the cross stretch arm fingers distance (Figure 3).
  • Adjust the reading on the display to match the distance read on both the cross stretch arm fingers and length stretch pins (Figure 4).
  • It may be necessary to zero the scale to match the arm setting (Figure 4a)

Daily Check of Machine

  • Release the bottom carriage to travel the complete distance down (Figure5)
  • Raise the bottom carriage taking care not to allow the cable to catch between the cross-stretch arms (Figure 6). If the cable becomes crimped (Figure 6a), have it replaced.
  • Each day confirm calibration of the machine by running 10 stretches with the test spring supplied (Figure 7, 7a).
  • If the readings are within the specified tolerance, begin your sock measurements (Figure 7b).
  • If adjustment is needed, call HIFOMACO @828-322-4292 for instructions.

Figure 1
Measure Arm

Figure 2
Measure Pins

Figure 3
Pin Set Screws

Figure 4
3Inch Scale

Figure 4a
3Inch Scale-4a

Figure 5
Full Drop.jpg

Figure 6
Slack Cable

Figure 6a
Crimped Cable

Figure 7
Test Springon Machine

Figure 7a
Test Spring Released

Figure 7b
Test Spring Scale